Garonne festival
June 15 and June 16

The rendezvous of festive and sportive events
on and around the Garonne in Bordeaux


Attend the famous CROSSING OF THE GARONNE BY SWIMMING and discover the other water sports and activities that the river has to offer.

ROWING RACES, physical and sporting activities on the river in Bordeaux.


HALLE DES CHARTRONS, exhibitions of photos and paintings, illustrations, signing, and conferences.

Bordeaux represents centuries of activities focused on the rest of the world. Its maritime heritage is of a richness that no other port on the Atlantic coast equals.

VILLAGE OF STANDS, from shipbuilding to fishermen via the pilot, the boatman, discover the trades that have given life to the Garonne.

From shipbuilding to fishermen, including pilots and boatmen, discover the professions that gave life to the Garonne.


PROCESSION, MASS, and BLESSING of boats, under the patronage of Saint-Elmo, patron saint of sailors, Bordeaux is reviving its traditions.

NAUTICAL PARADE, boarding the Sirius to watch the parade and blessing from the river.

Program of festivities

Do not miss anything of this weekend, which will celebrate the Garonne

Do not miss anything


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